Disease Resistant Tomato Seeds and Varieties

Starting with quality disease resistant tomato seeds can make all the difference in your garden. Common diseases like bacterial cankers, radial cracking, verticillium wilt, fusarium wilt and root knot can often be avoided by selecting plant varieties that are resistant.

Whether you are growing for canning, eating, salsa, etc. (the possibilities are endless!), there are now resistant seed varieties available to provide you with extra prevention against diseases common in your area.

Popular Disease Resistant Tomato Plants

  • Big Beef Tomato Seeds are best known for their large size, being heavy producers and sweet juicy flavor. These are great straight off the vine and sliced up for burgers or salads. They have been referred to as having “old time” flavor, delicious and classic. The diseases they are resistant to include verticillium wilt, nematodes, fusarium wilt and tobacco mosaic.

  • Celebrity Tomato Seeds are known for producing firm, 8 ounce crack-free tomatoes packing a great flavor. They perform well in almost every region and under adverse conditions. Perfect for canning or making salsa. They are resistant to fusarium wilt, verticillium wilt, root nematodes, and tobacco mosaic.

  • Park’s Whopper Tomato Seeds are an American classic. At a whopping 4 plus inches across, they are known for their longer producing season and high yields of large, juicy, crack resistant tomatoes. Resistant to verticillium wilt, root knot nematodes, tobacco mosaic virus, and 2 strains of fusarium wilt.

  • Sweet Chelsea Tomato Seeds produce the sweetest of all cherry tomatoes and grow in abundance all season long. The small 1 ounce fruits are popular in home gardens as well as for market growers. They are great for snacking right off the vine! These are resistant to fusarium wilt, tobacco mosaic, root knot, and verticillium wilt.

  • Miracle Sweet Tomato Seeds are known for producing the sweetest tomatoes. They are a medium size fruit and often the tomatoes of choice for sandwiches and salads. The diseases they are resistant to are root nematodes, verticillium wilt, fusarium wilt, and tobacco mosaic.

A thriving garden is the ultimate goal for every gardener. Give your garden the best start by choosing disease resistant seeds for happy, prosperous tomato plants.

Comments from Other Gardeners
  • Nick says:

    I look for tomatoes that have VFN on the tag. These tomatoes are resistant to Verticillium Wilt, Fusarium Wilt (both of these will take out your whole crop!) and Nematodes. There are many varieties in all parts of the country that are disease resistant.

  • Julie says:

    Bella Rosa is another great disease resistant tomato variety. The fruit is large and round on a medium to tall vine. It is a determinant type. Better Boy is an indeterminate hybrid that matures in 75 days and is a fabulous slicing tomato. Both are VFN disease resistant.

  • healthnut says:

    Where do you all get your seeds? I’m looking for a reliable online seller but hate to waste my money on some of the crackpot sites that I know are out there. I’m interested in cherry tomatoes, slicing tomatoes and fruit for salsa. Thanks in advance for your patience for a noob!

  • Jenny says:

    Baker Heirloom Seeds is my #1 favorite. check them out. They have so many unusual varieties to try and you can expect great germination. I have also bought from Sustainable seed company and from Parks Seeds. Make sure you store unused seeds in an enclosed container in the refrigerator so they stay fresh.

  • Julie says:

    Try Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, http://www.rareseeds.com. These people have an exquisite collection of seeds for every kind of tomato imaginable. They also have many other unusual vegetables and flowers.

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