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Gardening Best Practices

Planting Healthy Tomatoes – Seedling Transplant


From Seedling Tray to 4” Pot

Growing your own seedlings is a great way to have a wide variety of tasty tomato plants. Now that you’ve got them started, you need to transfer them to a bigger pot so that they can continue to thrive.

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How to Start Tomato Plants from Seeds


Do you want to have the best tomato plants, or just the best tomato plants available locally?

Garden centers and big box stores always have tomato transplants available during the growing season but if you only buy local transplants, you’ll be limited in the variety of tomatoes you can grow.

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Planting Healthy Tomato Plants


Transplanting Tomato Plants From 4” to quart pots

When your tomato has 5 or more true leaves and the temperatures have warmed to at least 55 degrees regularly, it’s time to put the plants into the ground but what happens if the weather isn’t warm enough yet?

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Understanding and Controlling Fungal Disease on Tomatoes

fungal tomato disease

Tomatoes are prime targets for soil-borne fungal diseases which lead to defoliation, reduced yields and worse. About 85% of all plant diseases are caused by fungi, tiny multi-celled organisms that have no chlorophyll.

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