BT Organic Insect Control for Your Tomatoes


Kill Bad Bugs Using Natural Methods

How would you like to kill bugs BEFORE they have a chance to kill your plants?

If that sounds good to you, keep reading because we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for.

BT is an organic insecticide that uses the natural pathogenic bacteria, bacillus thuringiensis (thus the BT) to kill insects before they’re big enough to eat your plants. The insect consumes it and the BT cells germinate inside the insect or caterpillar causing death within a few days.

The pest first stops feeding, then drops to the ground and decays without causing any harm to the environment, people or any non-target species. The best time to apply BT is after eggs have hatched and the caterpillars are very small. Larger caterpillars like the dreaded tomato hornworm must be sprayed with the product for it to work.

If you see these full-grown bugs, it is best to hand pick them off of your plants. Because it is an environmentally sensitive control, BT might be just the thing you are looking for to keep pests away from your tomatoes.

BT Recommended Products

Depending upon your needs, the following products are some of the best in the field to help keep your tomato plants healthy.

  • Safer Brand Caterpillar Killer with B.T.

    This product is effectively kills a number of tomato pests including loopers, tomato fruitworms, hornworms, web worms and more. Apply when the tiny worms are first noticed on cloudy days or in the late afternoon. Repeat applications every 7-10 days and make sure that you follow the instructions on the product label. Safer Caterpillar Killer is available as a dust or in liquid form to use as a spray. Safer brand is a leader in the production of natural and organic garden products.

  • Southern Ag Dipel Dust

    This product is widely used by commercial growers but is available to the home gardener. It has a low toxicity to humans and animals and contains the trademark BT, which is toxic to certain pests. Southern Ag Dipel Dust controls cabbage loopers, imported cabbage worms and hornworms.

    Home gardeners should dust plants thoroughly because the worms must eat the product for it to be an effective control. Dipel Dust is safe to use right up to the day of harvest.

  • Fertilome Dipel Dust

    This product contains BT and is another biological insecticide. One bite of treated foliage and the worms stop feeding and eventually die. Many of the worms that attack tomato plants are susceptible to this insecticide including hornworms, bagworms, armyworms, gypsy moths, cankerworms, loopers, tomato fruitworms, sod webworms, cutworms and others.

    Simply dust the plant making sure to cover all surfaces of the leaves and stems.

These are all excellent, natural choices to keep your plants healthy and producing. If you’ve used any of them, please tell us about your experience in the comments section below.

If you have a good BT product that you like, please tell us about it in the comments section below.

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