Copper Sprays for Tomatoes

tomato copper sprays

Your tomato plants will suffer from a disease sooner or later no matter how carefully you manage them, and the only proven and safe way to both control and prevent these diseases is through the use of copper-containing bactericides, also called copper fungicides. Although these fungicides contain several different ingredients, it is the copper in them that protects your tomato plants.

Copper fungicide sprays are always more effective at controlling and preventing diseases if applied before a tomato plant becomes overrun with said disease. The more copper in the fungicide, which is indicated on the product label under MCE (metallic copper equivalent), the better it will work.

For best results, always apply copper fungicide sprays before any rainfall and continue applying whenever the weather is cool and moist, but only at ten to fourteen-day periods. Most copper sprays only require one or, at most, two treatments to protect a tomato plant through its most vulnerable stages of growth. Then, when environmental temperatures get into the nineties, treatment can stop completely.

Tomato Copper Spray Recommendations

  • Bonide Copper Spray or Dust is one of the best products available for your tomato plants. If used correctly, it will control a wide range of tomato plant diseases, including powdery mildew, anthracnose, scab, rusts, black spots, early and late blight and many others. One quart of Blondie Copper Spray or Dust will treat 10 square yards. Not only that, but it’s also an OMRI approved fungicide, meaning it can be acceptably used by anyone with intentions of meeting the standards of organic growing.

  • Concern Copper Soap Fungicide (discontinued) is another organic copper based product that will protect and control any diseases that might attack your tomato plants. It consists primarily of copper octanoate, which is made by combining a soluble copper salt with a naturally occurring fatty acid. Concern Copper Soap Fungicide, therefore, leaves no traces of residue, solvents, or odor—even after multiple uses—and can be used on indoor tomato plants as well as outdoor tomato plants.

Although both these products are organic, they remain dangerous to both people and animals in high concentrations. As a result, the warning labels should be read and care should be taken to protect your skin and eyes when using these, as well as any other, copper spray products on your tomato plants.

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  • karen karwithq says:

    i tried to use it and it worked am very greatfull to you ,,,,.

  • samson mwanza says:

    i use copper on my tomato plants,it is the best
    for prevention of various disease outbreak

  • Frank says:

    How much does it cost

  • Al says:

    After use when can you pick tomatoes?

  • Fred Frasik says:

    I sprayed my tomato plants with copper, a day before it rained but now they look like they are struggling. Is this normal?

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