Drip Irrigation for Tomatoes

tomato drip irrigation

Using drip irrigation when growing tomatoes is a great water treatment method that ensures pure water is applied to the growing plants. Through the use of a simple to use drip irrigation kit, your plants will be watered with treated water through a tubing system, keeping the water from touching the soil.

There are many different tomato diseases that can infect the plants when they are watered through irrigation systems that allow the water to interact with the soil. The soil contains many contaminants, while drip irrigation will ensure only treated water comes into contact with the tomato plants.

Tomato Drip Irrigation Kit Recommendations

  • Basic Drip Irrigation Kit – Using the basic drip irrigation kit is great for a smaller number of raised bed tomato plants. Providing drip irrigation for up to 3 plant boxes, or 10 plants, the kit will provide a drip emitter and tubing, with a 12″ emitter spacing that can reach up to 33 feet. The basic kit also provides a 55gph flow rate, optimal for small tomato gardens, providing treated water to prevent any type of tomato diseases that can be contracted from soil contamination.

  • Standard Drip Irrigation Kit – The standard drip irrigation kit offers the same treated drip irrigation for tomatoes, with more tubing to enable irrigation for up to 10 boxes or large containers. The standard kit offers 1/4″ vinyl micro-tubing, ensuring efficient use, with up to 25psi. The filter can be easily removed and cleaned to ensure that the tomato plants are constantly irrigated with clean and filtered water.

  • Deluxe Drip Irrigation Kit – The deluxe drip irrigation kit is the supreme of the irrigation kits for tomato plant drip irrigation, protecting the plants from soil contaminants that are known to cause disease. The deluxe kit can irrigate up to 30 different independent watering points, also tolerant of any unfiltered water supply. The deluxe kit is optimal for the dirtiest water, filtering all contaminants out with complete flexibility with configuration and adjustment of each drip point. This is an excellent drip irrigation kit for larger gardens, ensuring clean water treatment for a greater number of tomato plants.

Tomatoes are subject to various diseases through contaminants that are commonly found within the soil. Just one diseased plant can infect the rest, either killing the plants or yielding diseased fruit. Ensuring the plants are only irrigated with the purest and cleanest water is essential in ensuring that there are no diseases contracted within the plants, costing money and time. If you are simply growing the tomatoes to eat at home, you still want to take advantage of an EnviroDrip Drip Irrigation System to ensure healthy tomato yields every season, or even throughout the year.

Comments from Other Gardeners
  • Connie says:

    The other huge advantage of drip irrigation is that it keeps the water off of the leaves of the plants. Many fungal diseases will thrive on wet leaves. The systems may look complicated when you first look at all of the parts but they are really not. Once you set it up, you can easily adapt it for the number of plants you have.

  • healthnut says:

    I’m trying to make the decision between drip irrigation and furrow irrigation and can see the benefits of both sides. Right now I’m just watering with my hose but don’t like to do that for obvious reasons. Anybody have an opinion one way or another? I’m getting ready to build a new bed and want to build it the way that I ultimately decide to go.

  • Amy says:

    Unless you are trying to irrigate acres of garden, I would think that drip would be much easier and more effective. The systems today are easy to set up and easy to change from season to season depending on the number and type of plants you have.

  • Theresa says:

    I agree. I’ve had both small and large gardens and furrow irrigation was just too much for smaller spaces, especially if you’re just doing some backyard growing. It worked wonderfully with my larger gardens when I lived in the country though. The other advantage of using drip irritagtion over furrow is that you don’t have to worry so much about over-watering, at least if you’re me. :P

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