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    My family has had a garden my entire life but we’ve always grown red tomatoes. We have some wonderful heirlooms that I absolutely adore and will probably always grow but would like to add a nice yellow tomato to our garden as well.
    Does anybody have any suggestions for a good heirloom yellow? I’m looking for a sweet tomato that will be delicious on a sandwich. I’d like the meat to be firm and, if possible, I’d like to have few seeds. If anybody has any good suggestion, I’d live to hear them please!



    There are a number of great yellow heirlooms.  Two that I really like are “Big Rainbow” and “Barnes Mountain Yellow”.  Big rainbow grows huge fruit that are yellow with a pink/red streak in the center bottom of the tomato.  When you slice it, the bottom couple of slices have a beautiful splash of pink.  They are excellent eating…very low seeds/gel and a very nice flavor.  Barnes Mountain Yellow also produces huge fruit.  These also have very little seed/gel and ripen to a color between yellow and orange.  Just great sliced.  Both I prefer over the more common “pineaple” which is a little bland in flavor.  Come to think of it, “Kellog’s Breakfast” is another great yellow heirloom.



    Very true. I agree.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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