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    I’m looking to change tomatoes because I’m currently using a hybrid that i really don’t care for. As my name suggests, I’m a huge sauce lover and make several different types of sauces, but they all tend to run toward Italian-style stuff.
    I make basic marinara but also make smooth and chunky pasta sauces as well as canned vodka sauce. In other words, I need something that’s got some acid to it but that also cooks down into a robust sauce. Any idea? I’d really like to go with an heirloom variety because I’m planning to add it to my garden for many years to come.



    Classic tomato for sauce would be a “san marzano”.  It is a roma type.  Great flavor, cooks down into something fairly “meaty”, not watery like heirlooms (which I still love for sauce due to flavor).  One that I really like for sauce is “Constuluto Genovese” (I may have spelled that wrong).  It is flattened beefsteak with scalloped edges.  It is terrible sliced (mealy) but when cooked down, the flavor is outstanding.  The plants grow huge…and they are prolific, so be ready if you plant one.



    my favorite sauce tomato is the Amish Paste, San Marzano, and Piasano. The amish set fruit late (90 d), indeterminate (all are) but the advantage to the amish is they are HUGE! Less skinning= less work, bigger tomatoes=less work, few seeds and meaty with a sweet flavor thats perfect for sauce, paste, ketchup, and pasta sauces. Theu cook down faster because they hold less water, you will not be disappointed.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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