Help identifying black spots on leaves (and yellow wilt on bottom of plant)

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    Hello all, I’m from the southeast USA and we have had a cooler and VERY rainy May. I’ve got some kind of black rings on the leaves of my plants that started at the top and then have gotten down into the plant, and I’m also seeing yellow wilting at the bottom.

    I thought the yellowing at the bottom might be because of nutritional issues, so I used fish fertilizer and so forth consistently but that didn’t solve the issue. I broke off and threw away all leaves within 9 inches of the ground to clear it out (in case it was Fusarium or early blight).

    It’s gotten into ALL my tomatoes, which is bizarre because I have ten different varieties, including some derived from cultivar ‘Celebrity’ and others that are resistant to Fusarium Race 1 & 2 and some viruses. Both heirlooms and hybrids, including one heirloom on a grafted hybrid rootstock, are now infected. Please help! I have attached pictures.

    I have sprayed variously copper sulfate; that seems to help, but it’s not stopping it. Should I try sulfur by itself or in combination with something else?

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    I am interested in your answer. Never used this before hope I am doing this correctly. love to grow tomatoes. Having all kinds of problems with fungus and lord knows what is infecting my tomatoes. Some of the tomatoes feel like a sponge and some have black steam inside the fruit. why do the blooms die? Thanks for your help BOBBY

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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