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    So historically, we just buy our tomato plants once the fear of frost is past and plant them. More and more though, I’m giving serious thought to starting them from seeds. I understand the value of having the seeds in an emergency situation when plants may not be available, but what’s the benefit of starting from seeds in today’s reality?

    Aside from cost, is there a benefit to starting your own, or is just a matter of personal preference? Frankly, with as busy as we all are here, the plants are much more convenient for us but if it’s truly better to do the seeds, then I’d like to know. Thanks in advance for your wisdom! :)



    “Aside from cost, is there a benefit to starting your own, or is just a matter of personal preference?”
    Seeds are more fun and it doesn’t take more time than going to buy plants.  If you have good luck with a variety, save some seeds and maybe you’ll have good luck again.   I have a real tasty variety that I grow year after year.   The first seed came from a tomato slice in a delicious hamburger…
    You can find a lot on saving tomato seeds.   Plant them in separate pots a month or two before transplant time and set them in the window.   Transplant them deep, up to the first adult leaf.



    Theresa…from my experience, the big advantages of growing from seeds are ability to pick your varieties and control over quality/handling.
    Nothing is more frustrating than driving around town looking for decent varieties of tomato that are in good shape.  This is especially true later in the season when I do some last plantings in september (I live in southern california, so we have long growing season…can harvest well past thanksgiving).
    I start the seeds under lights in my garage.  You figure about 6 weeks to seedlings if you keep the soil warm…very easy to do.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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