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    I have something weird going on. I went out a few days ago to weed and noticed that about 4 or 5 my 20 plants had missing leaves. I’m growing Stripys and have never had a problem before. The leaves were either gone or half gone but the stems were still there. Also, the fruit and the blooms were fine. It was just the leaves that were eaten.
    The ones that were only half-eaten were serrated-looking Oddly enough, I didn’t notice any changes yesterday but then again this morning, there were a few more leaves missing on different plants.
    The damage isn’t extensive but I’m afraid that if I don’t figure out what’s eating them before too long, it will be. Any ideas?


    Check carefully for worms. This could be the dreaded tomato horn worm which begins life as a tiny stripy looking worm and grows into a giant fat green worm, from eating foliage. It’s sometimes hard to spot them because they hide in the plant. Pick them off and dispose of them in soapy water.



    When looking for hornworms, always look for little black dots on leaves.  When you find those…look up.  That is what the hornworm is pooping out as it works it’s way through the plant.  Makes it easier to find them.



    Have you checked the plant properly? You can find some signs near the plant. It can be worms or caterpillars infesting your plant. You can try taking help of some professional like Exterminator Ridgefield CT or can try some pesticide, sprays to get rid of the pest that is affecting your plant.



    Yeah true. I agree.

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