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    Everybody has a favorite flavor, color, appearance and texture that they like in their tomatoes and I was wondering what everybody here preferred. I also thought that it may be nice if we all shared exactly what we grow and even tell each other about failures that we’ve had or breeds that we simply didn’t like.

    I mainly grow tomatoes for slicing and use on salads so my favorites are the Mr Stripeys and the Sun Golds, though I also like Celebrities and Red Cherries.  The Stripeys and Celebrities have nice, meaty textures and the Sun Golds and Red Cherries make a nice pop when you bite into them and then have a sweet, juicy flavor.

    Now you!



    I really lean towards the heirloom beefsteaks.  I don’t have a single favorite, but rather try to get a variety on the plate.  For dark/purple “Paul Robeson” and “Black Krim” can’t be beat.  For pinks…the staple for most is “PInk Brandywine”.  For yellows, hard to beat “Big Rainbow”.  For whites, the “White Tomesol” is very striking on a plate and tastes great.
    A good way to find new varieties if you are willing to grow from seed is to go to Baker Creek seeds and browse the varieties.  They have a 5 star review scale just like Amazon…and you can read the reviews.  Very informative.  Most of the reviewers are growing for farmers markets, so they are typically pretty experienced.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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