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Tomato Fungicides

Fungicide Sprays for Tomatoes

tomato fungicide spray

Fungicide sprays for tomatoes use chemical compounds or biological organisms to kill or inhibit fungi or fungal spores. The active ingredient in most spray fungicides for tomatoes is either copper or sulfur.

Using organic fungicides on tomato crops can lower impact to the environment, increase vitamin and mineral content in soil, and provide a long-term cost-savings.

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Copper Sprays for Tomatoes

tomato copper sprays

Your tomato plants will suffer from a disease sooner or later no matter how carefully you manage them, and the only proven and safe way to both control and prevent these diseases is through the use of copper-containing bactericides, also called copper fungicides. Although these fungicides contain several different ingredients, it is the copper in them that protects your tomato plants.

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Copper Fungicides for Tomatoes

copper tomato fungicides

Copper fungicides have long been relief upon by both organic and conventional tomato growers to control many of the diseases affecting these plants. Not only are copper fungicides safer to use than many other fungicides on the market, they are also effective, and can be used up to a day before harvest.

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Fungicides for Tomato Plants

tomato fungicides

Utilizing fungicides for tomatoes can be an effective way to treat and prevent many of the fungal diseases that affect these plants. To keep your tomatoes healthy, thriving and fungus free, you want to start applying a fungicide before any symptoms appear, as this will keep potential diseases at bay.

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