Fungicides for Tomato Plants

tomato fungicides

Utilizing fungicides for tomatoes can be an effective way to treat and prevent many of the fungal diseases that affect these plants. To keep your tomatoes healthy, thriving and fungus free, you want to start applying a fungicide before any symptoms appear, as this will keep potential diseases at bay.

The reason most professional garden supply companies recommend fungicides is due to the fact that they are effective and will not cause any damage the fruit or the environment. The home gardener can choose from several EPA approved fungicides for tomatoes.

Tomato Fungicide Recommendations

  • Bonide Fungonil is a fungicide that has a multipurpose appeal, controlling everything from rust and blight on leaves to molds and fungus on lawns and other plants. Bonide Fung-Onil may be used on a variety of plants, but is predominantly used for peanuts, potatoes, and tomatoes. Fung-Onil contains the active ingredient chlorothalonil.

  • Actinovate Organic Fungicide is another popular choice for the home gardener. Used mainly as a treatment for diseases that affect the lawn such as take-all patch, brown patch and dollar spot, this fungicide is also safe and effective to use on herbs, flowers, vegetables and more. This product will also control fire blight, rust, leaf spot, powdery mildew and grey mold. What makes this fungicide unique is that it contains a microorganism that thrives on the roots and foliage of a plant, attacking the fungus that leads to disease.

  • Serenade Disease Control Concentrate is another environmentally friendly choice. This fungicide provides a thorough defense against many of the bacterial and fungal diseases that are most commonly found in home and commercial gardens. Able to effectively treat plants, vegetable and fruits without harming humans, animals or the environment, Serenade Disease Control Concentrate is a conscientious choice in fungal management. This is one of the few fungicides that can be safely used the day of harvest with no fear of ingestion of harmful chemicals.

Comments from Other Gardeners
  • Mary Anne says:

    I really like the Seranade. Be sure when using this or any fungicide to read the label carefully and follow the directions. I begin the first application 2-4 weeks after putting the transplants in the ground. It is very difficult to control disease once it sets in so prevention is key. Be sure to follow good cultural practices; don’t wet the leaves when watering, water early in the morning, allow for good air circulation, don’t let leaves touch the ground and mulch, mulch, mulch!!!

  • saucelover says:

    It seems that the Actinovate may be just the product that I’m looking for. I live in a relatively wet climate so molds are often an issue for me. I also like the idea that it’s organic and therefore not spreading poisons or toxins on my plants that my kids will end up eating.

    The final bonus is that I can use it on all of of my plants and even my yard without fear of harming my pets or even the wildlife that’s plentiful in my area.

  • John Shanahan says:

    What is the name of the chemical used to ward off copper wilt in tomatoes?

  • Bwambale Bernard says:

    How can we got your products in Uganda?

  • rick padgett says:

    I have unknown disease on my tomatoes that keeps coming back.Ag. agent is not sure what disease is.Have used copper and daconil.Do you know of a better product or other suggestions?

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