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Tomato Wilts

Tomato Bacterial Wilt


Bacterial Wilt is caused by the pathogen bacterium Ralstonia Solanacearum and is quite common in the moist sandy soils of the humid coastal south. This bacterium lives in the soil and will work its way quickly through the roots and up the stem of the plants.

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Tomato Fusarium Wilt

tomato fusarium wilt

Fusarium wilt disease has been reported in over 30 countries. It usually affects tomatoes in southern areas of the US and Europe. In more nothern, colder climates it is usually limited by low temperatures but it can wipe out greenhouse populations entirely. Luckily, you can take action to control and even prevent this dreadful disease.

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Tomato Verticillium Wilt

verticillium wilt tomato leaves

Verticillium wilt is a disease that affects many plants in the garden including cucumbers, watermelon, horseradish, and radish but it is most commonly found in members of the nightshade family which includes tomatoes, eggplant and peppers.

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